A Very Merry Xmas to Everyone… even winchy

Wow! Its been a while since my last post on here. What can I say. A lot has happened during that time. I’m now at University, studying something I love (film) and getting to now the wider world, away from the Isle of Wight.

Not forgetting my roots, I find it somewhat fulfilling leaving behind the quieter life for something more lively. One of my friends who currently lives in Falmouth prefers the steadier stream of life, whilst having constant familiarities of Island life. The sea and sounds are all reminiscent of the Isle of Wight. I guess that’s what draws her to this astounding place.

Of course, heading back to the Island for Christmas is an enjoyable and lively experience. Meeting friends and family for the first time in months and enjoying their company. This time of year allows me to focus on the most important parts of life. Being together and sharing experiences. 

To this point, I love home and this way of life. However, I remember my life on the mainland. The atmosphere is different and more lively, to the quieter pace, on the Island. I appreciate these differences, but have come to realise that my new home is on the mainland. In Winchester.

For the forseeable future I’ll be in a constant flux between these two places. Placing my roots between the place I grew up and the place I will grow, further.

I’d like to wish everyone who visits my page, A Very Merry Christmas and Great 2011.


In the apple shop

So its been a while since my last entry in this blog. Alot has happened, I now have a confirmed place at university for this September. Im just trying to get my mind back into gear of plenty of study and exams. 😦 The apple store is extremely tempting, cant wait for the student loan. 🙂

Emerging Logo and Updates

After a brief visit to Ventnor again, I arrived at Rio’s, the small wine bar which I will be filming for Destination Tap (w/t) and VTV. After discussing dates and the events, I will be hoping to cover A live jazz band in the upcoming months. This should provide another interesting angle. Rios has an interesting history and many colourful characters. Stay tuned for an indepth profile soon.

In the mean time, I thought I would provide a new logo for the project. It’s slightly Victorian-esk. It fits the theme of the many historical pubs on the Isle of Wight.

More soon.

The Ventnor Visit

Ventnors many faces, whether its charity shops or the numerous junk shops, celebrities somehow find comfort in visiting this mixed bag. After my visit to Ventnor, I came away slightly confused about what to film. Sure, there’d be a great documentary in filming people standing outside pubs, smoking and them telling us about their day. Would that work? Maybe…  

My first location was the lower high street, located just off the main road. Ventnor is made up of small Victorian shops, making most of the small spaces. Boutique shops and bars are all here. Here are a few pictures I took to give you a rough idea of the town.  


Taken outside of Wave clothing, the old threshers closed and The Inn.


Cloudy day for site seeing.


Running off the waterfall near by.


A new Bistro serving coffee and food in cool surroundings.


Quite simply, one of the Isle of Wight’s diamonds in the rough. It’s victorian past is underneath a slightly tarnished skin. Over the years, Ventnor has seen some subtle additions. The developments along the seafront last year, creating a new boat house and updating the promenade gave it a much-needed uplift. This weekend I will be doing a location recce for an upcoming short for Ventnor TV. The faces of Ventnor will be a short 10 minute doc looking at the businesses in the seas side town. Theres an eclectic mix, hopefully making an interesting subject for a film.

I thought I’d include a photos from the tinterweb that really shows off the town. I shall put up some photos from the recce next week. 

During the summer months, the Harbour is alive with activity.

Shall we get moving?

For the last few weeks my train of thought has been somewhat absent. University, job security and changes in lifestyle have all reared there heads. One important aspect of these changes seem to be my attitude towards life. At the moment, I seem focused and motivated. Steering towards my goals and hoping to achieve them.

It’s abit of a waiting game at the moment. My university choices should be heading in over the next few weeks and job hunting is atleast giving me interviews. For example, yesterday I went for a job at a new wine bar opening in sandown on the isle of Wight. I was only in there 5 minutes. The usual questions on ‘what have you done’ and ‘isn’t the weather cold’ were asked. After the interagation, she started discussing the wage. £5 an hour. Apparently this is minimum wage. She hadn’t taken into account my experience working for costa coffee. I’m currently paid £6 an hour. After considering this, she told me that I would get a phone call that evening. Nothing happened!

Reliability is one factor in this. It would be nice to recieve a phone call saying ‘we’ve discussed the issue but feel it wouldn’t work. Atleast then I have some consolidation.

Overall, I’m happy how everything is going. I’m just hoping the weather picks up 😀

The feeling of regret and positive thinking

Since starting this blog almost a month ago, I’ve spent most of that time looking back on the decisions I’ve made. Situations that I sometimes regret and others that are positive. Things happen for a reason. You fall out of contact with friends because they are moving on with life. You meet new people and realise you have some sort of connection. I use to think along these lines. You meet people for a reason. Nothing could be more clear when I recently visited Winchester University. I have never been somewhere which is so laid back, but has some form of connection with me.

Upon leaving the town centre and trying to find campus with a dodgy map, I stumbled to a graveyard. randomly placed between the headstones was a path, that I gathered would connect me to the Uni. After a few minutes I came across the reception building. What a contrast of modern meets medieval. Quiet meets even quieter. Suddenly, the thoughts of regret came flooding back. This was the same experience I had before with my earlier Uni. In someway, I think this absent reminder was saying stick to your guns. Carry on the way you are. The Uni was nice, small, quiet but great facilities. It’s a shame there isn’t a mixture between great night life and Uni. I suppose I shouldn’t be so fussy.

Positive thinking has never been a strong point of mine. I’ve always taken the attitude that if its going to go wrong, it will go wrong. Maybe I should adopt the positivity and embrace it. Through it, I might find peace of mind. The regret is still lingering in the background, waiting to pop out and say ‘We were right and you were wrong.’