Oh Bose! plus Wightlink and The Annual 2010

If you ever have the pleasure to visit the Isle of Wight, you may have neglected to consider what we don’t have. Todays visit to Portsmouth proved an insightful experience in to what my home town of Ryde could be like. The aim of the trip was to find my mum a birthday present. As a guy I’ve always been useless buying presents for people. It’s usually a voucher from Woolworth’s (RIP) or Peacocks, however I thought I’d make the effort.

Gunwharf Quays has a great mix of shops. Instead of buying for others, I bought for myself. The Ministry of Sound The Annual 2010 is a brilliant CD. I never use to enjoy remixes of good songs. I still haven’t got sick of Dizzee Rascal’s Holiday, awesome song.

If you ever have the misfortune of stepping onto the Isle of Wight, you will have to navigate the evil that is Wightlink. The company rips you off, their coffee tastes like scum and their attitude stinks. Not only is it a rip off, the boats are cold. Not only have a discovered that you can rant in a blog but you can also warn people. DO NOT TAKE THE FAST CAT! Hire your own private jet ski or boat.

Oh and If Santa is reading this, I would like the £700 sound system from BOSE. It can literally blow the clothes off any women. We can both understand that, right?


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