Why Blogging?

Who thought blogging would take off? I’ve finally joined the blogging bandwagon by giving you paragraphs about whats going on with Fusion Films etc. A new year, means a new start. I want to start the micro blogging revolution with a fresh lick of paint. murphycallum is a mix of backward thoughts from someone living on an Island. You can also find out about my hopes for Fusion in 2010 and what to expect in the future. We have a saying on the Island, ‘we don’t like change.’ But I say, ‘Change is good.’


One response to this post.

  1. Heya Callum.

    really like the design of this, really swish!!

    Keep it up and try posting one thing a week. your get in the swing of it 🙂

    Apart from that your writing is pretty good as always and I like your comments, they are very you!

    Take care xx


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