The joys of job hunting

Thats right folks, job hunting. That time of year when everyone is talking about a change of pace, a change of lifestyles or a change in life. But what does this mean? Some of these people have only been in there jobs five minutes. They’ve realised it’s not for them or they’ve made a big mistake. So they spend a few minutes looking at the local papers job vacancies to see what

So what should it be this week?? Hmmm… wiping grannies back side… err no thanks. What else do we have here? OO OO media sales executive. Circle this in big red pen. Lets think alternatives here? Can I run alongside two jobs with my existing one? Part-time experienced waiting staff… circle. Hotel receptionist. Circle again.

This is what is happening at the moment. People are out there getting sick of dead-end jobs there in. Luckily I don’t see myself working in a coffee shop for much longer as Uni is just over the horizon. Like the other million people out there wanting a job or just a change. It would be nice to think I could just walk into another job, however the world has changed. No longer do you receive a letter from an application stating you have not got the vacancy. The age of humility is over. No personalised response. It’s mail-merge all the way. I suppose this wouldn’t be possible today, with the current unemployment being so high.

But would i personal touch hurt? Or at least getting a name right? A friend of mine had a letter of rejection with someone elses name on top. Imagine how that would feel. Another situation that I find incredible is people are charging for you to register on a vacancy. You don’t even get the guarantee of an interview. How shocking is that?

I dont think there is any joy to job hunting. Apparently the thrill is in the chase. How wrong they were? It might be the many people applying for the jobs, especially on an Island with high unemployment. It might be there aren’t many jobs to go for. January seems an ideal time to apply for something new, but everyone else seems to have the same idea as me. I think there’s joy to job hunting once you’ve found a job. Thats were you find it. Once your into a new one, i think my whole attitude to life would change. I’d be more upbeat and positive for a start.


University challenges

So here we are. It keeps going around my head the benefits and the problems of going to University. Some say its a life changing experience. That you only have one chance to do it. They might be right. But I can’t help thinking I could be making the same mistake again.

About two years ago, I set about on a Foundation Degree in Media, they also chucked in Professional as their title to. That college (I wont mention a name as it would be considered defamatory) was the worst, ever. The classroom were small, their facilities were terrible and lecturers would not turn up on time. The lessons were all over the place. I can’t remember the last time Psychology was included in Media? PPD anyone. I understand the importance of writing a CV and getting your name out there, but to learn about philosophers is beyond me.

So this transition that I’m going through is fairly big. I’ve been on one before but not on such a massive scale. It might be my Island mentality, but the time for change is now. Moving away from home, starting a new life, were ever that maybe is going to be difficult. It’s necessary for me to do as I want to become a teacher.

4 years seems a long time, but its going to go by quick. I’m hoping for a smooth ride, but its going to be a bumpy one. For a start I’m going to have to choose my University. Falmouth, Hastings or Winchester. Thats if I even get a place on them. I feel that Hastings is out of the questions. It reminds me of my last place of education. It’s either Winchester or Falmouth. I’ve been excepted on the Film and Cinematography course, so I’ve got to wait to hear back from the others. Fingers cross! 😀

Heres the Showreel I promised

I decided to dump the idea of blue screening. The technique is great for backgrounds when conducting interviews. However, I was wanting to use objects suspended from trees then projecting the image onto the blue material. It didn’t work 😦 I’ve gone for a green and white theme. I think it works really well. The show reel is an acumalation of what I have created over the last year.

Oh Bose! plus Wightlink and The Annual 2010

If you ever have the pleasure to visit the Isle of Wight, you may have neglected to consider what we don’t have. Todays visit to Portsmouth proved an insightful experience in to what my home town of Ryde could be like. The aim of the trip was to find my mum a birthday present. As a guy I’ve always been useless buying presents for people. It’s usually a voucher from Woolworth’s (RIP) or Peacocks, however I thought I’d make the effort.

Gunwharf Quays has a great mix of shops. Instead of buying for others, I bought for myself. The Ministry of Sound The Annual 2010 is a brilliant CD. I never use to enjoy remixes of good songs. I still haven’t got sick of Dizzee Rascal’s Holiday, awesome song.

If you ever have the misfortune of stepping onto the Isle of Wight, you will have to navigate the evil that is Wightlink. The company rips you off, their coffee tastes like scum and their attitude stinks. Not only is it a rip off, the boats are cold. Not only have a discovered that you can rant in a blog but you can also warn people. DO NOT TAKE THE FAST CAT! Hire your own private jet ski or boat.

Oh and If Santa is reading this, I would like the £700 sound system from BOSE. It can literally blow the clothes off any women. We can both understand that, right?

Lets have a go at blue screening….

With the launch of a new blog and YouTube channel, I thought it be a good time to put up a new video. I’ve experimented with a few ideas. Chromo-keying seems to be the way forward. I want to use the video as a showreel so people visiting the site can have a quick look. The theme is ‘new year, new stuff’. The main setting will be the local copse near to where I live. Using a mix of static shots, cut out and video shot from the wood I hope to mix in archive and new footage from Fusions projects. Keep posted for more info soon!

On Art with Paul Hewson

Heres the latest trailer from Fusion Films for an upcoming project entitled On Art: Bembridge Windmill with Paul Hewson. Its an instructional video taking the audience through watercolour training. I hoping for a February finish.

Delphic, New year resolutions and a Coffee.

So here we are. 2010. I like even years. Everything tends to run smoother in them. Some may say we have only 2 years left till the end of the world but I say enjoy the time you’ve got left. This is the sort of random theme in this post, things happen for a reason, enjoy what you got. Delphic is the latest stumbling I’ve come across. A great Mancunian band (if thats even a word), with electronic undertones and a sort of new wave sound I love. After discovering the wonders of Itunes, I can now say my January is complete.

Customers  have asked ‘Whats your new years resolution,’ I say the same as last year. Join a gym. I’ve been pretty good so far. Trying to go at least three times a week. I find if you go to much it becomes a chore. Then you loose interest completely. At least coffee is there for that much-needed caffeine boost.