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Shall we get moving?

For the last few weeks my train of thought has been somewhat absent. University, job security and changes in lifestyle have all reared there heads. One important aspect of these changes seem to be my attitude towards life. At the moment, I seem focused and motivated. Steering towards my goals and hoping to achieve them.

It’s abit of a waiting game at the moment. My university choices should be heading in over the next few weeks and job hunting is atleast giving me interviews. For example, yesterday I went for a job at a new wine bar opening in sandown on the isle of Wight. I was only in there 5 minutes. The usual questions on ‘what have you done’ and ‘isn’t the weather cold’ were asked. After the interagation, she started discussing the wage. £5 an hour. Apparently this is minimum wage. She hadn’t taken into account my experience working for costa coffee. I’m currently paid £6 an hour. After considering this, she told me that I would get a phone call that evening. Nothing happened!

Reliability is one factor in this. It would be nice to recieve a phone call saying ‘we’ve discussed the issue but feel it wouldn’t work. Atleast then I have some consolidation.

Overall, I’m happy how everything is going. I’m just hoping the weather picks up 😀


The joys of job hunting

Thats right folks, job hunting. That time of year when everyone is talking about a change of pace, a change of lifestyles or a change in life. But what does this mean? Some of these people have only been in there jobs five minutes. They’ve realised it’s not for them or they’ve made a big mistake. So they spend a few minutes looking at the local papers job vacancies to see what

So what should it be this week?? Hmmm… wiping grannies back side… err no thanks. What else do we have here? OO OO media sales executive. Circle this in big red pen. Lets think alternatives here? Can I run alongside two jobs with my existing one? Part-time experienced waiting staff… circle. Hotel receptionist. Circle again.

This is what is happening at the moment. People are out there getting sick of dead-end jobs there in. Luckily I don’t see myself working in a coffee shop for much longer as Uni is just over the horizon. Like the other million people out there wanting a job or just a change. It would be nice to think I could just walk into another job, however the world has changed. No longer do you receive a letter from an application stating you have not got the vacancy. The age of humility is over. No personalised response. It’s mail-merge all the way. I suppose this wouldn’t be possible today, with the current unemployment being so high.

But would i personal touch hurt? Or at least getting a name right? A friend of mine had a letter of rejection with someone elses name on top. Imagine how that would feel. Another situation that I find incredible is people are charging for you to register on a vacancy. You don’t even get the guarantee of an interview. How shocking is that?

I dont think there is any joy to job hunting. Apparently the thrill is in the chase. How wrong they were? It might be the many people applying for the jobs, especially on an Island with high unemployment. It might be there aren’t many jobs to go for. January seems an ideal time to apply for something new, but everyone else seems to have the same idea as me. I think there’s joy to job hunting once you’ve found a job. Thats were you find it. Once your into a new one, i think my whole attitude to life would change. I’d be more upbeat and positive for a start.