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The feeling of regret and positive thinking

Since starting this blog almost a month ago, I’ve spent most of that time looking back on the decisions I’ve made. Situations that I sometimes regret and others that are positive. Things happen for a reason. You fall out of contact with friends because they are moving on with life. You meet new people and realise you have some sort of connection. I use to think along these lines. You meet people for a reason. Nothing could be more clear when I recently visited Winchester University. I have never been somewhere which is so laid back, but has some form of connection with me.

Upon leaving the town centre and trying to find campus with a dodgy map, I stumbled to a graveyard. randomly placed between the headstones was a path, that I gathered would connect me to the Uni. After a few minutes I came across the reception building. What a contrast of modern meets medieval. Quiet meets even quieter. Suddenly, the thoughts of regret came flooding back. This was the same experience I had before with my earlier Uni. In someway, I think this absent reminder was saying stick to your guns. Carry on the way you are. The Uni was nice, small, quiet but great facilities. It’s a shame there isn’t a mixture between great night life and Uni. I suppose I shouldn’t be so fussy.

Positive thinking has never been a strong point of mine. I’ve always taken the attitude that if its going to go wrong, it will go wrong. Maybe I should adopt the positivity and embrace it. Through it, I might find peace of mind. The regret is still lingering in the background, waiting to pop out and say ‘We were right and you were wrong.’