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A Very Merry Xmas to Everyone… even winchy

Wow! Its been a while since my last post on here. What can I say. A lot has happened during that time. I’m now at University, studying something I love (film) and getting to now the wider world, away from the Isle of Wight.

Not forgetting my roots, I find it somewhat fulfilling leaving behind the quieter life for something more lively. One of my friends who currently lives in Falmouth prefers the steadier stream of life, whilst having constant familiarities of Island life. The sea and sounds are all reminiscent of the Isle of Wight. I guess that’s what draws her to this astounding place.

Of course, heading back to the Island for Christmas is an enjoyable and lively experience. Meeting friends and family for the first time in months and enjoying their company. This time of year allows me to focus on the most important parts of life. Being together and sharing experiences. 

To this point, I love home and this way of life. However, I remember my life on the mainland. The atmosphere is different and more lively, to the quieter pace, on the Island. I appreciate these differences, but have come to realise that my new home is on the mainland. In Winchester.

For the forseeable future I’ll be in a constant flux between these two places. Placing my roots between the place I grew up and the place I will grow, further.

I’d like to wish everyone who visits my page, A Very Merry Christmas and Great 2011.