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Shall we get moving?

For the last few weeks my train of thought has been somewhat absent. University, job security and changes in lifestyle have all reared there heads. One important aspect of these changes seem to be my attitude towards life. At the moment, I seem focused and motivated. Steering towards my goals and hoping to achieve them.

It’s abit of a waiting game at the moment. My university choices should be heading in over the next few weeks and job hunting is atleast giving me interviews. For example, yesterday I went for a job at a new wine bar opening in sandown on the isle of Wight. I was only in there 5 minutes. The usual questions on ‘what have you done’ and ‘isn’t the weather cold’ were asked. After the interagation, she started discussing the wage. £5 an hour. Apparently this is minimum wage. She hadn’t taken into account my experience working for costa coffee. I’m currently paid £6 an hour. After considering this, she told me that I would get a phone call that evening. Nothing happened!

Reliability is one factor in this. It would be nice to recieve a phone call saying ‘we’ve discussed the issue but feel it wouldn’t work. Atleast then I have some consolidation.

Overall, I’m happy how everything is going. I’m just hoping the weather picks up 😀


The feeling of regret and positive thinking

Since starting this blog almost a month ago, I’ve spent most of that time looking back on the decisions I’ve made. Situations that I sometimes regret and others that are positive. Things happen for a reason. You fall out of contact with friends because they are moving on with life. You meet new people and realise you have some sort of connection. I use to think along these lines. You meet people for a reason. Nothing could be more clear when I recently visited Winchester University. I have never been somewhere which is so laid back, but has some form of connection with me.

Upon leaving the town centre and trying to find campus with a dodgy map, I stumbled to a graveyard. randomly placed between the headstones was a path, that I gathered would connect me to the Uni. After a few minutes I came across the reception building. What a contrast of modern meets medieval. Quiet meets even quieter. Suddenly, the thoughts of regret came flooding back. This was the same experience I had before with my earlier Uni. In someway, I think this absent reminder was saying stick to your guns. Carry on the way you are. The Uni was nice, small, quiet but great facilities. It’s a shame there isn’t a mixture between great night life and Uni. I suppose I shouldn’t be so fussy.

Positive thinking has never been a strong point of mine. I’ve always taken the attitude that if its going to go wrong, it will go wrong. Maybe I should adopt the positivity and embrace it. Through it, I might find peace of mind. The regret is still lingering in the background, waiting to pop out and say ‘We were right and you were wrong.’

University challenges

So here we are. It keeps going around my head the benefits and the problems of going to University. Some say its a life changing experience. That you only have one chance to do it. They might be right. But I can’t help thinking I could be making the same mistake again.

About two years ago, I set about on a Foundation Degree in Media, they also chucked in Professional as their title to. That college (I wont mention a name as it would be considered defamatory) was the worst, ever. The classroom were small, their facilities were terrible and lecturers would not turn up on time. The lessons were all over the place. I can’t remember the last time Psychology was included in Media? PPD anyone. I understand the importance of writing a CV and getting your name out there, but to learn about philosophers is beyond me.

So this transition that I’m going through is fairly big. I’ve been on one before but not on such a massive scale. It might be my Island mentality, but the time for change is now. Moving away from home, starting a new life, were ever that maybe is going to be difficult. It’s necessary for me to do as I want to become a teacher.

4 years seems a long time, but its going to go by quick. I’m hoping for a smooth ride, but its going to be a bumpy one. For a start I’m going to have to choose my University. Falmouth, Hastings or Winchester. Thats if I even get a place on them. I feel that Hastings is out of the questions. It reminds me of my last place of education. It’s either Winchester or Falmouth. I’ve been excepted on the Film and Cinematography course, so I’ve got to wait to hear back from the others. Fingers cross! 😀