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The Ventnor Visit

Ventnors many faces, whether its charity shops or the numerous junk shops, celebrities somehow find comfort in visiting this mixed bag. After my visit to Ventnor, I came away slightly confused about what to film. Sure, there’d be a great documentary in filming people standing outside pubs, smoking and them telling us about their day. Would that work? Maybe…  

My first location was the lower high street, located just off the main road. Ventnor is made up of small Victorian shops, making most of the small spaces. Boutique shops and bars are all here. Here are a few pictures I took to give you a rough idea of the town.  


Taken outside of Wave clothing, the old threshers closed and The Inn.


Cloudy day for site seeing.


Running off the waterfall near by.


A new Bistro serving coffee and food in cool surroundings.



Quite simply, one of the Isle of Wight’s diamonds in the rough. It’s victorian past is underneath a slightly tarnished skin. Over the years, Ventnor has seen some subtle additions. The developments along the seafront last year, creating a new boat house and updating the promenade gave it a much-needed uplift. This weekend I will be doing a location recce for an upcoming short for Ventnor TV. The faces of Ventnor will be a short 10 minute doc looking at the businesses in the seas side town. Theres an eclectic mix, hopefully making an interesting subject for a film.

I thought I’d include a photos from the tinterweb that really shows off the town. I shall put up some photos from the recce next week. 

During the summer months, the Harbour is alive with activity.