We are Fusion

The Fusion brand was established in 2007 in accordance with an assignment brief at College during A-level. It actually started life as Pen to Paper Productions, however as various projects shifted genre so did our identity. Fusion Productions came from a documentary entitled ‘Toni Toll Investigates Spirit Communication.’ After two years of study in Moving Image, it felt natural to bring all past concepts together. A fusion of ideas.

In 2008, Fusion began branding itself as Fusion Films. Creating a variety of short films based from our YouTube page. Our vision and logo had changed. We were now concentrating on documentaries based upon local stories and interests. This shift allowed us to create a variety of short films including: White Air 2008 and Vision.

Vision was an experimental film based upon my fathers memories of growing up as a child.

2009 brought even more projects. We began promoting projects through a variety of trailers. Planned for a 2010 release these included ‘The Paranormal Shorts’ and ‘On Art with Paul Hewson.’ In the later part of 2009, Fusion Films produced a short video for The Wight Film Network. As apart of an ongoing series, scriptwriter: Barbara Jane Mackie talked about her career and the shortcomings for new writers for TV. The film received a good response. Fusion Films has another two planned for 2010.

Barbara Jane Mackie discusses her varied career, current projects and role within the Isle of Wight media scene.

In 2010, Fusion Films hopes to carry on pushing our goals forward. We now have three ongoing projects, with plans for On Art with Paul Hewson being completed by early April. We hope to enter at least one documentary into The Isle of Wight Short Film Festival at the end of this year and to expand to our new YouTube page ‘murphycallum’. We are still under the Fusion brand. The change enables us to operate under a single name and brand.

Our latest trailers showcasing upcoming projects including ‘The Paranormal Shorts’ & ‘On Art with Paul Hewson.’



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